Real Ingredients
Handcrafted Premium Popcorn
One of a Kind Taste
Real Ingredients
Handcrafted Premium Popcorn
One of a Kind Taste
The first evidence of popcorn was found in Peru: 6,700-year-old corn cobs studded with puffed kernels.
Jamaica was originally named Xaymaca by its Indigenous Arawak people, which meant “land of wood and water.”
Jerk is a style of cooking that originated in Jamaica and derived from the Peruvian word charqui.
The fiber in the coconut is so strong that it can be used for the construction of houses and furniture!

Best Popcorn Ever!!!
I am not big on popcorn, but I’m addicted to yours, thank you for creating such a delicious snack.

YOUR POPCORN IS AMAZING. The flavour hits you like BAM, it just does it for me. I look forward to sneaking it into the movies.

Love Love Love your popcorn, it’s awesome! It’s the perfect treat to eat in your pajamas.

This popcorn is the BOMB! Love it, Mixed the Caramel and the Spicy Jerk together for a most delicious snack.

first taste is seriously indescribable.

Visit the Caribbean with every bite, It’s everything you expect and more.

The flavour erupts in your mouth unexpectedly and you can taste every flavour. The spices are on point.

Oh My Goodness!!! I really don’t want to share this popcorn with anyone.

OMG, soooo delicious. I will be ordering again.

Caribbean Caramel & Jerk is a MUST TRY!!! Thank you M., no other popcorn compares.

Talk about a taste explosion, these flavours are amazing. My family loves it
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This is seriously the best popcorn I’ve tasted! I ate the entire bag.

Okay, where has this been all my life. Big popcorn fan and hands down the best I’ve tried to date.