My Story


The Cultured Kernel’s MashUp® founder, M. Loraine, created the company’s unique flavors by tapping into her childhood memory of watching her mother master Caribbean-style cooking that was always fresh and full of flavour.

The Taste of Perseverance:

While working in the corporate sector, M’s entrepreneurial spirit fueled her desire to create a business that she could call her own. Ironically, it was when she lost almost everything and struggled through bouts of homelessness that the idea to create a premium snack food line inspired by her mother’s cooking was born.

And so, with her Caribbean Inspired flavours in mind, M. infused a mashup of savoury, sweet and spice into her popcorn creations. The company was first branded under the name Westmorlands, in honour of her family’s hometown of Jamaica, and has since changed to Cultured Kernel’s MASHUP®.

Stay tuned to find out more about M’s incredible journey...